Inn from the Cold - Emergency Family Shelter

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When a family has already become homeless and comes to our Emergency Family Shelter, we provide a range of supports to ensure they can move from homelessness to independence as soon as possible. We use trauma-informed care to help families overcome the trauma and stress of homelessness. 


Our Shelter Program helps families get the support needed to cope with a housing crisis and plan for the future. Case management includes goal setting, relationship and community connection building, advocacy, support with navigating the system, and general moral support. With the help of our dedicated housing 

locator services, most families are able to find permanent housing solutions. 


Inn from the Cold is dedicated exclusively to families that are or at risk of experiencing homelessness. All families are accepted that have an expectant mother or at least one child under the age of 18.  

Contact: 14032638384 or [email protected]