E4C - Inner City Youth Housing Project (ICYHP)

Partnership program with E4C and Bissell Centre, which provides housing to vulnerable youth and adults. Offers a safe place for homeless youth to stay and get help with becoming more independent, moving back home with family, or getting their own place.

Service offers a shelter for homeless youth to stay and get assistance in developing skills to move towards independence


  • a safe, supportive, home environment
  • own bedroom with basic furniture and hygiene supplies
  • assistance in securing and maintaining an appropriate day program (school, work, treatment, and more)
  • help getting identification and setting up doctors’ appointments
  • weekly recreational activities
  • groceries so that clients can prepare breakfast and lunch on their own
  • dinner in the evening
  • help with setting goals and support in completing them
  • referrals to community resources such as schools, health services, addictions, employment programs, children’s services, advocates office

Contact: 17804797075 or [email protected]