WECAN Food Basket Society

COVID-19 update: Temporary delivery of food baskets for those most at risk in our community available.

  • City Centre is closed.
  • Inglewood is closed.
  • Bader is closed.
  • Duggan is closed.
  • Millbourne is closed.
  • Ben Calf Robe is closed.
  • Stony Plain is closed.
  • Morinville is closed.

WECAN connects individuals and families on limited and or fixed incomes, who are struggling at the end of each month to provide enough healthy food for their families,with a basket of fresh produce and frozen meat items. The Food Basket program is designed to replenish the refrigerator the third week of the month when food supplies and funds are in short supply. As the food order has been prepaid, members need only go to their community depot to pick up their order.

Contact: 17804134525 or info@wecanfood.com