City of Lethbridge - Recreation & Culture

COVID-19-UPDATE: City of Lethbridge Recreation and Culture facilities closed until further notice are open but schedules are subject to change. Please check www.lethbridge.ca/leisure for schedules

The City of Lethbridge has a Recreational and Culture Fee Assistance Program available to low income individuals and families, of all ages, who reside in Lethbridge, to help with the cost of participating in recreational, sport, arts, and cultural activities. As well, information about other programs such as Jumpstart and Kidsport (youth only for these two) is available. To apply for the Fee Assistance Program please go to www.lethbridge.ca/feeassistance . Support is available for all programs by phone or text at 403-360-1720 or email at lori.harasem@lethbridge.ca

Contact: 14033601720 or lori.harasem@lethbridge.ca