Lethbridge Early Years Coalition


Please visit www.lethbridgeearlyyears.ca/covid for activities and resources to support your family and children during COVID-19.

Lethbridge Early Years Coalition is one of 98 Early Childhood Coalitions in the Province of Alberta. We are made up of organizations, agencies and community members who are passionate about seeing children have a great start in life and opportunity to reach their full potential.

Things we do:

  • Create community awareness of the importance of the early years of human development and how it affects long term outcomes.
  • Increase understanding of how our community currently supports the early years of human development.
  • Engage the community in playing a fundamental role in creating environments that promote healthy human development.
  • Respond to the EDI assessment from Alberta Human Services and use this information to further develop and implement the next steps of our community action plan for supporting early childhood development.

Contact: 14037154585 or lethbridgeearlyyears@gmail.com