Wood's Homes - Youth Connections: The CORE

A short term safe place to stay for youth 17 or younger: The CORE Emergency Youth Shelter is operational, but we have temporarily decreased capacity to serve 4 youth. Currently, we are carefully assessing any potential intakes and dealing with youth and situations on a case by case basis. We are working to divert shelter use if possible, by offering remote supports and essential needs to families by utilizing our FSC. We continue to provide phone in crisis and resource support for Wood's Homes and community clients, but have limited walk-in's to at the door support, providing mostly food or resources to youth who come to the door in needIt is important to note that we do not have the ability to assist youth who are required to self isolate in our facility, due to size and structure. We also do not run as a 24/7 program, so those who must utilize the shelter, will need a safe and approved place to be during the day in order to minimize the risk of exposure.  

Contact: 14033171777 or