We Can Food Basket Society - Stony Plain Depot

The Food Basket program participants simply buy a $5 annual membership to join WECAN. Memberships run annually from April to March. There are no forms to fill out but Members must prepay for their food orders at the start of the month to stretch their food budget to the end of the month. We offer three kinds of orders: a fresh meat order for $15, a fresh produce order for $10 and a complete meat and produce order for $25. A meat order contains 2 -3 cuts of fresh meat, and a produce order consists of 3 seasonal fruits and 3 seasonal vegetables. Because WECAN purchases from a wholesale store, The Grocery People, our costs are generally significantly lower than most other grocery outlets charging retail prices. There are no forms to fill out, all that is required for becoming a member is taking your payment to a location that is close to where you live or work.

Contact: 17804134525 or [email protected]