Nanaimo Community Outreach Response (COR)

Mobile outreach service providing community based crisis response services including street-based outreach. COR team is comprised of nurses, social workers, clinicians, rehab workers and peer support workers. COR crisis services: Serves/supports people of all ages who are experiencing urgent distress or immediate concerns related to mental health and/or substance use issues. Response may include consultation, assessment, referral and short-term follow up.

COR homelessness services: Provides street based services to persons who are experiencing ongoing homelessness in Nanaimo. Service includes support and referrals for mental health and substance use issues, harm reduction supplies and support are offered, as well as mental, physical or emotional assessments and supports. To access this service call (250) 741-7645. Contact number is only for individuals who are experiencing homelessness and can contact this number directly.

Contact: 12507417645