The Salvation Army Centre of Hope - Abbotsford - Meal Centre

COVID19 Update: We are currently serving one community TO-GO style meal per day. BRUNCH will be served 11:30am to 12:30pm DAILY seven days per week. The grocery cart program is still available Monday to Friday.  Morning coffee service is currently CLOSED - we are developing a plan to offer alternatives to this service.

People attend the Meal Centre for a variety of reasons:

  • They are homeless and hungry
  • They are lonely and isolated
  • Some are families or singles who can’t afford food
  • Some are seniors who just don’t want to sit in their apartments all by themselves
  • Others have struggles and just need to be around people – not even to talk – just to be with someone

We employ professional cooks at the Meal Centre. There are usually 6-7 volunteers every day who help with sorting, cooking, and clean-up.

Our program for feeding the hungry is strongly supported by local businesses that donate so much of the food, and is heavily dependent on volunteers who willingly sacrifice their time.

Contact: 16048529305 or