ICCS - Samaritan House

COVID19 Update: Reduce # of shelter beds from 14 to 7 for distancing

Samaritan House provides four services to women in crisis: emergency shelter, supportive housing, transitional housing, and rent subsidies.

Emergency shelter services include:

  • Low Barrier Access: Neither sobriety nor mental health stability are required to receive services. Clients are generally only restricted from access if they become violent or abusive. Clients experiencing a mental health crisis are referred to the hospital or an outreach team.
  • Essentials of Life: Bed, bedding, meals, access to showers, hygiene supplies, clothing.
  • Professional Support: On-site case management, referrals to community resources and programs. Shelter staff work with health authority outreach workers and nurses to encourage clients to recover from physical, emotional and psychological setbacks.

Contact: 17784414227 or