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CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg - Action in Recovery (AIR) Group

The Action In Recovery (AIR) Group is a weekly peer support group founded and led by Ryan Dion. Group members are given an opportunity to “air” their positive and negative experiences and work together to set practical (SMART) goals related to personal recovery efforts. AIR Group’s focus is to help the community develop positive mental health by empowering individuals for recovery in a group setting.

A typical meeting is structured as follows:

  • Newcomer welcome/materials handout
  • Positive experiences (personal reflection/documentation)
  • Negative experiences and potential solutions discussion
  • Positive experiences group share
  • Break
  • CMHA workshop topic discussion
  • Goal setting and long-term goal progress review
  • Social connections/community event planning

Contact: 12049826100 or office@cmhawpg.mb.ca