Welcome Inn Community Centre Of Hamilton - Food Bank & Food Literacy Program

Each month 400 households come to Welcome Inn Community Centre and receive a three-day supply of food and personal hygiene items. We believe that food is a basic human right, so no one is turned away from receiving. This service is operated primarily by a dedicated group of volunteers.

What to bring:

ID for each member of the household, proof of address

Note: The Welcome Inn food bank can be accessed once per household every 30 days.

Each week as community members come in to pick up groceries, there is an opportunity to participate in the food literacy program. Cooking demonstrations of low cost, available and easy-to-cook meals are taught. Information about new foods, recipes and cooking techniques are shown to the group, then delicious samples are given out. As people pick up their groceries, food items from the recipe are available to select. With increased food literacy, we hope to improve food security through knowledge, access and use of nutritious foods.

Contact: 19055255824 or