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HIV Community Link Calgary - Shift

Shift has a harm reduction and rights-based approach to sex work. We recognize that sex work is a choice for many, and respect the rights of adults to make this choice. We also recognize that for some, factors such as poverty or exploitation can put people into situations where they don’t have control.

Shift’s services will meet you where you are at – whether you want to continue sex work, safely exit, or anything in-between.

Supports Include:

  • Supportive counselling and case management
  • Free safer sex supplies
  • Advocacy: Income supports, Child and Family Services, etc.
  • Escort, Massage, Entertainment licensing information and support
  • Sexual health information
  • Referrals for low-cost contraception and for HIV and STI testing
  • Working safely: “Bad Date” reporting, safer working strategies (date screening, condom negotiation)
  • Referrals: Mental health, substance use treatment, housing, financial, employment, basic needs, legal

Contact: 14032378171 or shift@hivcl.org