SafeLink Alberta - Calgary Support Services

Drop-in services:

  • Safer consumption supplies
  • Safer sex supplies
  • Naloxone kits
  • Basic food and hygiene supplies
  • Info and referrals
  • Advocacy to address barriers to service

Peer Support:

  • Individual and group programs for people living with HIV
  • Group based for sex workers, including a group for trans sex workers

Case Management:

  • Comprehensive and individualized support services
  • Engage clients in the development of a service plan
  • Provide emotional support, crisis intervention, and education
  • Coordinate a network of services on behalf of clients by bridging communication gaps between clients and service providers, attending and/or arranging case conferences, and accompanying clients to appointments as appropriate.
  • Referrals and facilitation of access to treatment and recovery programs

Outreach services:

  • Our team can be found throughout the downtown core several days a week providing harm reduction supplies and supports


  • See the website for more information on our free training courses

Contact: 14035082500 or [email protected]