Hull Services - Safe Directions

Safe Directions consists of 5 programs offering immediate intervention and help for youth who are at serious risk of harming themselves or others.

• Protection of Children Abusing Drugs: provides a confined court-ordered and monitored service to youth abusing or addicted to drugs and alcohol

• Recovery, Stabilization and Detox program: assists youth struggling with substance abuse and or mental health challenges who voluntarily seek help

• Secure Services: confined court-ordered and monitored service that assesses and stabilizes youth with suicidal tendencies, violent behaviours and dangerous lifestyles, which present an imminent risk to themselves or others

• Reflections: confined court-ordered and monitored service for youth who are being sexually exploited or are at risk of sexual exploitation

• Stepping Stones: transitional program for youth no longer requiring a confined setting but still in need of further stabilization, assessment, or requiring a more extended transitional period

Contact: 14032518000