Kerby Centre

COVID-19 UPDATE: We have reallocated staff and expanded our Grocery Delivery Program

If you are a senior who cannot leave your home for groceries or medications, please contact our Grocery Delivery Program at (403) 234-6571. We are opening the program to any senior regardless of income, including those in self-isolation.

Outreach Programs Operating

Grocery Delivery Program (Thrive) is expanding to serve more seniors (403) 234-6571

Seniors Information Resources by phone (403) 705-3246

Volunteer Department 403-705-3177

Elder Abuse Resource Line (403) 705-3250

Kerby Rotary Shelter for older adults fleeing elder abuse

to donate https://www.kerbycentre.com/programsandservices/donate-now/

Located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Kerby Centre is a not-for-profit organization, committed to enhancing the lives of older adults. Since 1973, Kerby Centre has evolved into one of Canada’s flagship agencies; setting the standard for older adult services, information, and programming.

Contact: 14032650661 or generaloffice@kerbycentre.com