Live-In Program (M/F, ages 13-17): Enviros SUMMIT

Summit is a therapeutic residential treatment home for youth aged 13 to 17 that is designed specifically to treat and work with high risk teens with addictions, history of trauma and neglect, justice involvement, gang involvement, multiple diagnosis and/or behavioral issues. The program offers a strength-based treatment and a harm reduction approach to enable youth to address their difficulties in a safe and supportive environment.

While taking part in the Summit program, participants live communally in a co-ed duplex where staff have created a stable home environment. Teens in the home have daily expectations they must follow including chores and responsibilities as well as individual goals they are encouraged to meet. Attending school, work or therapy sessions is facilitated through the program.

Contact: 403-219-3499 or [email protected]

Contact: 14032193499 or [email protected]