Live-In Program (M/F, ages 7-13): Enviros CONNECTS

Connects is a short-term program in a non-invasive environment for males and females aged 7 to 13 that strives to create safe relationships with adults and positive role models for traumatized children. Up to four children may live at the Connects home and approximately two to four staff members may be on duty at any one time, creating a high ratio of staff to children. Children often move on from Connects after a stay that can range from several weeks up to several months when a more permanent residential arrangement is available, including a return to family or kinship placement. Children who’ve lived at Connects have often developed improved coping mechanisms, self-awareness and increased emotional vocabulary and stronger relationship building skills following their stay.

Contact: 403-219-3499 or [email protected]

Contact: 14032193499 or [email protected]