Live-In Program (M/F, ages 7-13): Enviros PASSAGES

When at-risk teens need support to transition back into a more traditional home life and family-living situation, Passages is the program that helps get them ready. Passages is a six bedroom residential home in an average Calgary neighbourhood. It’s designed to be just like any other home on the street in order to create a feeling of genuine community and family among teens who live here. Staying an average of six to nine months, teens are encouraged to develop healthy patterns and regular routines. This relationship-based transition service works on building a lasting feeling of trust and security with troubled teens, while teaching them important life skills. Therapeutic programming focuses on cultivating each youth’s sense of self-worth and helping families learn how to cope with behavior and parenting challenges.

Contact: 403-219-3499 or [email protected]

Contact: 14032193499 or [email protected]