Respite Care Connection (M/F, ages 6-17)

Respite Care Connection (RCC) provides families with a break from parenting while at the same time allows the children to participate in positive community-based activities. The program has been successful for many children and youth who have struggled in community settings.

RCC offers fee-for-service respite for families caring for 6 to 17 year old children and youth with behavior and social challenges (ADHD, FASD, Autism, ODD, etc.).

  • Small group outings for children and youth who often have difficulty in community settings.
  • A variety of activities that align with a child’s interests and abilities.
  • Age-specific programming.
  • Strengthens children’s self-esteem, skill development and socialization skills through a fun and safe environment with a ratio of one staff to three children/youth.

Contact: 403-219-3499 or

Contact: 14032193499 or