Sheldon Chumir - Addiction and Mental Health - Opioid Dependency Program

Provides methadone or Suboxone® maintenance treatment to people dependent on opioids and helps them access services they need to live healthy lives.

Provides methadone or Suboxone® maintenance treatment in an outpatient setting. Patients are stabilized on methadone or suboxone under close medical supervision and evaluation of response to medication.

Services available may include:

ongoing support and monitoring (e.g. prescription management, medical follow up, urine testing, counselling and treatment planning)

health, safety and risk reduction teaching and management

source of information and expertise for community stakeholders on MMT and suboxone

links to community pharmacists

links to other addictions treatment services

links to other social and health support systems

hepatitis and HIV screening

Services are voluntary and confidential.

Contact: 14032975118