The Alex Community Health Centre

At The Alex Community Health Centre, we know that health is so much more than just physical. If you are hungry, in chronic pain, experiencing homelessness, or living in poverty, that needs to be addressed before you can become truly healthy.

Our health, housing and food programs support you with open, judgement-free care in a welcoming, accessible environment. Our Community Health Centre provides physical health, mental health and social supports for anyone who doesn't have a family doctor, and breaks down barriers to our health care system. We are here to listen to you!

Our Youth Health Centre supports youth aged 12-2 with health and social programs and a team of caring, trustworthy staff who help cultivate healthy successful futures. We are also a Housing First organization, working to end homelessness by providing housing supports to those who have experienced chronic homelessness.

Contact: 14035202260 or [email protected]