Rupertsland Institute - Metis Centre of Excellence - Edmonton

COVID-19 UPDATE: We’re working remotely and are now able to reopen our client services to the Métis community. If you’re a Métis individual looking for a training opportunity or support with post-secondary education, including assistance with career decision-making, skills development, job searching, and employment counselling, please contact us at 1-888-486-3847.

The Métis Nation of Alberta assigned RLI with a triple mandate in education, training and research. RLI executes these mandates from its 10 Education & Employment offices (Métis Training to Employment), a head office located in Edmonton, Alberta and two mobile units that travel to rural communities throughout the province. RLI’s vision is for a skilled, knowledgeable and self-reliant Métis Nation and is integral to enhancing the self-sufficiency and well-being of Alberta Métis through quality education, training and research.

Contact: 17804232237 or kbelcourt@rupertsland.org