VAD - Accessibility Assessments

What is an Accessibility Assessment?

An audit of your property that evaluates all areas of accessibility based on the Alberta Building Code (2014) and the Barrier-Free Guide (2017)

A detailed report that provides the following

  • highlights features/areas that are currently accessible
  • outline areas of opportunity - big or small
  • best practice recommendations
  • easy to read diagrams and measurements

Who can benefit from Accessibility?

  • People experiencing disability
  • Families with young children
  • The aging population
  • Everyone

Why should I get an Assessment?

  • Competitive edge: market your accessible features with confidence
  • Customer Service: know where your customers may need assistance before they do!
  • Easy as 123: many barriers can easily be removed - but make all the difference
  • Plan ahead: be a leader of industry and include accessibility in future decisions
  • Reduce costs down the road

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