Family Centre North

Community kitchen programs are offered to all interested community members who may struggle with food insecurity. Classes include information on healthy meal ideas, stretching your food plan on a budget, nutritional facts, food safety and new cooking techniques to make your meals fun! We offer the following programming:

Adult cooking classes with child care in person. There is a virtual program as well.

Big Chef Little Chef for parents and children 3-6 years. Register online All Programs – Family Centre (famcentre.ca)

Various children and youth cooking programs for ages 7 - 15. Register online All Programs – Family Centre (famcentre.ca)

Two recipes are provided that can be portioned out for 4 people. Recipes can be a side dish, salad, soup, dessert or a main entrée. The best part is you take home the food you have prepared! Participants may attend one cooking session per week and must call The Interfaith Chinook Country Kitchen at 403-320-8138.

Contact: 14033208138 or [email protected]