LSCO - Drive Happiness

LSCO is excited to bring the Drive Happiness® program to Lethbridge. Drive Happiness addresses the need for safe and cost effective transportation options for seniors (55+) residing in the city and county of Lethbridge.

Riders must complete a Rider Application which can be found at www.DriveHappiness.ca, the LSCO Office or mailed upon request. Rides can be booked through the Edmonton Drive Happiness Booking Office by calling 1-888-336-4503 and must be pre-booked three full business days in advance to ensure a volunteer can accommodate. At this time LSCO CAN NOT book rides.

Once the application is processed tickets for rides can be purchased. Tickets can be purchased one of 2 ways: by calling the Edmonton Drive Happiness Office M-F 9-4pm at 1-888-336-4503 or locally at the LSCO Office.

Each ride purchased is $10 and entitles the rider to 90 minutes of pre-scheduled stops with the driver. In the event the rider requires more than 90 minutes of time, additional tickets would need to be used.

Contact: 18883364503