McMan FASD Lifespan

The McMan FASD Lifespan program is funded by the Southern Alberta FASD Network and includes:

  • Outreach Workers who provide support to caregivers of individuals of any age, who are either diagnosed with or suspected of having FASD. Services can include information and education on FASD, strategies and interventions, and advocacy within the community; presentations to school personnel and community agencies are also available upon request.

  • Life Coaches who provide assistance with daily living supports based on the assessed needs of the individual, aged 16+, who are diagnosed or suspected of having FASD and do not qualify for supports through Disability Services (PDD) or FSCD. Life Coach supports can include: advocacy, system navigation, maintaining housing, getting to appointments and accessing financial supports.

The McMan FASD Lifespan program is on Facebook at McMan FASD Outreach Program.

Contact: 14033282488 or [email protected]