Addiction & Mental Health Adult Services

Addiction and Mental Health offers a welcoming, client-centered atmosphere with the goal of engaging with our clients and families to support them in addressing their mental health and/or addiction issues.

We are addictions counsellors and mental health therapists. Our role is to provide treatment for addictions and/or mental health issues. Treatment may include individual, family and group as well as consultation and/or referral to your community supports and providers.

Assessment and treatment will include learning about your past history, present situation, and identifying your goals. The counsellor/therapist will talk with you about the different treatment options, including counselling to help you reach your goals. Your counsellor will help you choose goals and strategies, make suggestions, and review your progress with you.

Services can be initiated by individuals, but can also come from a variety of other sources such as medical professionals and community-based agencies.

Contact: 14035293500