Community Aim - Out-of-School Care

Out-of-School Care

Work related Respite enables the Parent / Guardian to work and have supports for their child that may not be able to be provided within a typical daycare setting. This support is provided 6:30am - 8:30 am and 2:30pm - 6pm during school days and 6:30am - 6pm on non-school days such as PD Days.  

School day activities include homework assistance, creative development through crafts and imaginary play, board games and outdoor play. Non-School In-house activities include a large outdoor play area, creative and imagination building activities, sensory activities, various game style activities, and movies. As well, we take part in off-site activities which include trail walking parks, playgrounds, swimming, bowling, special events, and taking in a movie at the local movie theatre.

Contact: 17809600593 or [email protected]