Vegreville Preschool Association

The Vegreville Preschool Association was started by members of the Vegreville Community 40 years ago. The resounding belief that community youth would benefit from a preschool program has allowed the Vegreville Preschool Program to exist and flourish in those years. So much so that in the late 90s, the Community, the Association, and with the support of the Town of Vegreville purchased our current building, 5106 – 48 Ave., so that the Preschool would always have a home.

Another very important part of our past came with the partnership with CALS & the Headstart Program 22 years ago (1997 to present). The pairing is a natural fit as the program gives children who have special learning needs or other difficulties inclusion in our program. It brings additional resources to our classroom not just in terms of tools but staff and specialists. Together we strive not just to prepare our children for kindergarten but give them the ability to be outstanding members of our community.

Contact: 17803854420 or [email protected]