ASK - SHOP Program

The mission of the SHOP program is to provide support services to people currently working in the sex work industry as well as those who have retired/exited. SHOP works within The ASK Wellness Society’s guiding principles of harm reduction, client centered, and a social justice approach.

 SHOP provides various outreach services and resources to individuals utilizing our services, including:

  • Street and online outreach services
  • Work-Safe practice and education
  • Anonymous access to harm reduction supplies, condoms and lubrication
  • Red Light Alerts (links to red light alert)
  • Access to health and housing resources
  • Access to Health Navigation for Blood-Borne Infections, as well as HIV/HEP C information
  • Advocacy and education
  • Access to clothing room, toiletries, shower facilities, laundry facilities, and internet use
  • Individualized supportive counselling
  • Support for families of sex workers

Contact: 12503201667 or [email protected]