John Howard Society - Central and South Okanagan

The John Howard Society Okanagan & Kootenay is one of 8 John Howard Societies in BC and 61 across Canada that, while independent charitable organizations, share the same mandate. We have operated in the Okanagan for more than 60 years and are known for offering a wide range of innovative services within the fields of community justice, social services, health, and public interest issues.

Our mission is to understand and respond to underlying issues of crime and to work with people who have come into conflict with the law or are at-risk of being criminalized. Guided by evidence informed practices, a harm reduction lens, and a person-centered approach, we are able to support people from assorted circumstances and needs including, but not limited to, homelessness, mental illness, addiction and developmental disabilities. 

Contact: 12507631331 or [email protected]