Living Positive - Drug Testing Services

LPRC offers drug testing to the public to test substances (drugs) for fentanyl and some analogues similar to fentanyl. We are looking to reach out to people who use substances recreationally (i.e.: parties, raves, club scenes, and alone). Our goal is to reduce stigma and risk surrounding all substance use.

This is a free service. Respectful, knowledgeable staff complete the test in a confidential setting. They answer any questions about substance use non-judgmentally. People who access this service are not required to dispose of their substance. Instead, education, harm reduction supplies, and free Naloxone kits are provided. The process takes approximately 5 minutes. No personally identifying information is required. For questions or more information, please call 778-753-5830 and ask for Tamara or Katie.

Contact: 17787535830