The Salvation Army - Kelowna Community Church

We operate a recycling service. We provide meals for the homeless. We hold weekly worship services. We provide ministries to women, men, youth and children. We provide pastoral care. We run a food bank, clothing and household goods give away program. We donate funds to denominational headquarters for overseas missionary activities. We hold a weekly program for seniors. We run an Income Tax Clinic. We run a Pro-Bono Lawyer Clinic. We operate a vehicle (canteen) that provides on site meals to emergency workers. We operate a life skills program that instructs in cooking, cleaning, parenting, social interaction, and financial management to single female parents. We operate an after school tutoring program and supper club for marginalized children grandes 4 to 6. We operate a SMART program, school of music, arts and technology for children in grades 3 to 6 and ages 7-12.

Contact: 12508602329 or office@kdsa.ca