Newcastle Supportive Housing

COVID19 UPDATE: Most programs temporarily suspended. No non-essential workers permitted on site. All essential workers coming on site must be pre-approved & wear PPE. Hours remain unchanged.

Newcastle Place is a program of services under the Supportive Housing classification that has program objectives and outcome measures. These elements make it different from affordable housing or a regular rental arrangement. The focus is to provide an affordable, safe, secure home for people who have a low income, have been or are at risk of homelessness, and require supports with mental health and/or substance use.

At Newcastle, participants have access to washrooms, laundry, and a dining room, to meet their basic needs. They also have the opportunity to interact with a variety of trained staff and visiting health professionals each day. The staffing model offers efficient and direct referrals to treatment options, onsite health and medical services, and employment and life skills programming.

Contact: 12363620087 or sfox@iccare.ca