Providence Farm - Living Labyrinth

We recognize the simple benefit of a well-placed bench overlooking the inspiring Mt Tzouhalem and washed over with sounds of a trickling creek and mother birds. And now we seek to delve deeper into positive affect of nature and design on health, by using the design of a labyrinth, known for its contemplative and health benefits, in a garden designed specifically to bring about positive affect.

A healing garden is one that promotes a relief of symptoms, reduce stress, and improve an overall sense of wellbeing.

In the study of neuroscience and our environment, is noted that certain landscapes have the ability to induce calming effects on our brain and bodies. The effects of sound, light, sight, touch, smell, distance have all been studied, and it is from these that we will draw our answers to questions like, what species will we choose to plant, how will we manage sound and smell, and where will the benches be located.

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