CCRS - Social Justice Advocate (SJA) Program

The Social Justice Advocate (SJA) Program offers support accessing subsidies for rent, or access to a waitlist for subsidized housing.

The SJA supports people to secure a constant source of income through provincial or federal government programs (EI, income assistance, PWD, and CPP/OAS) and provides rent supplements to those experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness.

The SJA can support people that are dealing with a variety of issues:

  • replacing identification
  • Accessing employment insurance
  • Accessing disability income
  • Accessing income assistance
  • Support with barriers to medical services
  • Accessing pensions (CPP/OAS)

The Social Justice Advocate is here to support you with any questions you may have regarding income supports or housing issues. We also have a client computer available for those that may need it.

Contact: 12508372920 or [email protected]