RWSS - Forsythe House

If you are a woman who is fleeing abuse and are in need of a place to stay, support, advocacy or referrals our shelter provides a 24-hour staffed home with a 30–45 day stay for you and your children. 

The house is alarmed and inside you will find a stocked kitchen, common rooms, four shared bedrooms, two bathrooms and laundry facilities. The backyard has a privacy fence and is equipped with a playground and a quiet space for contemplation.

We ensure everyone’s safety with an 11 p.m. curfew, zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use, mandatory bag checks and lock up of medications and sharp objects such as razors. Bedrooms have their own locks to ensure privacy and safety. We ask that if you have pets to have a safe plan for them as the shelter does not accept animals.

Contact: 12508371111 or