SVCPC - Community Outreach

In order to develop and foster a more positive rapport with members of the sizeable South Asian Community, the SVCPC partnered with VPD and the Khalsa Diwan Society to open an outreach centre on the South Slopes of Vancouver, the “Khalsa Diwan CPC (KDSCPC) Outreach office”. The office is only open on Sundays and it is staffed by our Indo-Canadian police officer and several Indo - Canadian volunteers. Visitors of the outreach centre are welcomed in a non-threatening, friendly environment, where they can seek assistance with their crime and safety concerns. Volunteers of this outreach office are tasked with organizing presentations (on issues, such as bullying and others) and youth games or other activities in an attempt to help build and foster a positive relationship between youth and policing agencies.

Contact: 16047172940 or [email protected]