ICA - Settlement Program

The ICA Settlement Program provides services to immigrants, refugees, and refugee claimants residing in Greater Victoria.

Settlement Workers provide services in over 25 languages. We can also arrange interpretation and translation services in many other languages.

Settlement Workers support individuals and families as they make the adjustment to life in Canada. We can help explain and access:

  • dealing with isolation and culture shock
  • family issues
  • health & health care information
  • housing
  • education, upgrading, and training
  • Canadian law
  • income tax
  • child care and family concerns
  • social benefits
  • employment information
  • citizenship, immigration, and refugee protection
  • community skills and resources
  • human rights
  • many ICA programs

We can help with filling forms, advocacy (when needed), understanding systems, explaining benefits, accessing services, and providing family and individual support.

Contact: 12503884728 or [email protected]