The Cridge Centre For The Family

We operate a 77 unit Assisted Living Senior Centre. We operate a 24/7 home for head injured men. We operate a Nursery, Day Care, Nature Preschool, School Age Care and a Summer Recreation Camp in our Child Care Centre. We provide support & services to young parents in the community. We run a transition house for women & children leaving abusive situations. We operate a two bed Corrections contract. We provide low-cost rental units for older women and adults with children & run an apartment building for low income and brain injury survivors. We provide services & counseling to our tenants, especially women & children who left abusive situations. We provide case management & community support for brain injury survivors living on their own and to FASD and Autism adults. We maintain a database for respite providers in the Greater Victoria area that parents can access.

Contact: 12503848058 or cthw@cridge.org