MCSS - Emergency Shelter

MCSS Emergency Shelter is a temporary housing solution that meets the client’s needs for temporary overnight accommodation, basic nutrition, and hygiene. Also, the program provides Gateway Services to help clients break the cycle of homelessness.

Comprised of 57 beds, this Emergency Shelter Program provides safe and secure housing for its clients.

There are washrooms and shower facilities, including facilities for mobility challenged individuals.

Additionally, this program works to provide advocacy and support for clients in need of treatment, employment, mental health, social assistance, medical, community programming, and identification. Clients are referred by self-treatment/recovery programs, other shelters, crisis lines, extreme weather, Ministry of Social Housing and Development, RCMP, medical facilities, families and community service providers.

Length of stay is up to a year depending upon the client’s goals and readiness for permanent shelter. BC Housing supports this program.

Contact: 16048209008 or