Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba - Winnipeg

A.D.A.M. offers support to people with anxiety disorders and their family members. We are currently offering an on-line 6 week program for anxiety and worry. Participants work through the material and connect with a peer support worker once weekly for support and assistance as needed. There is no fee for this program. We are also offering a telephone support line for people who are experiencing anxiety and would like to speak to a peer support worker. The phone number for the peer support line is 204-925-0040. There is no fee for this service. We will be offering our standard Cognitive Behaviour Programs for social anxiety and panic disorder in the fall/winter of this year. In addition, we offer peer support groups. Our facility is currently closed to the public, but we can be reached by telephone or email (adam@adam.mb.ca); 204-925-0600

Contact: 12049250600 or adam@adam.mb.ca