Aurora Recovery Centre - Family Program Workshop

The Family Program workshop helps the loved ones of addicts by educating family members about the disease of addiction and providing a new set of tools to cope.

  • Educational group activities
  • A one-on-one follow-up counselling session
  • The workshops are offered as a 6 week educational online program
  • Understanding the addictive illness
  • Understanding the ways families have been impacted by addiction
  • Recognizing family dynamics/patterns (roles of family members)
  • Managing emotions and relaxation
  • Exploring strategies for open/effective communication
  • Examining grief and loss
  • Learning about attachment and detachment
  • Exploring enabling, codependency and denial
  • Establishing new patterns of relating
  • Applying recovery concepts (routine, sleep, nutrition, balance)
  • Embracing 12 step education

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