Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home

Bethania Mennonite PCH is a one-story building in North Kildonan hosting a large amount of green spaces with their many gardens, walkways, and seating areas. All are easily accessible for those who wish to take advantage of the outdoors.

Inside, there are 3 nursing units. One small 10 room area called "Maple Ridge" is available for residents who are ambulatory and cognitively well with no disruptive behaviors. Nursing units have satellite-dining areas for those Residents who require assistance and/or supervision during meal times. Each wing has its own room for bathing. There is a large dining area for Residents who are able to independently enjoy their meals. There is an on-site laundry facility, a hairdressing shop, a store, a central kitchen, a Chapel and prayer room, and the park area where many of the facility's recreation programs are held.

Contact: 12046670795 or [email protected]