Bethel Mennonite Care Services

Bethel Place is a faith-based independent living seniors apartment complex. Bethel is to provide a home in a community setting with services for the elderly in our midst to live comfortably and independently. This goal is to provide seniors with a wide range of housing, recreational, and social services in a caring Christian community. Bethel Place is a facility that accommodates those over 60 years of age.

There are many stimulating and enriching programs and activities available to the residents of Bethel Place.

Some of our programming is more formal and scheduled. Other activities are seasonal and are initiated by staff with guest presenters or entertainers. And some activities are facilitated by residents themselves.

Our Resident Care Services include:

Pre-admission assessments

Advocacy for support and services as residents age in place

Friendly visits



Contact: 12042843762 or [email protected]