ICYA - GEM Lake Wilderness Camp

Gem Lake Wilderness Camp is set a world away from the pressures and conflicts of the inner city in the beautiful Nopiming Provincial Park, located 250 km North of Winnipeg (past Lac du Bonnet). After the long 3 hour drive, our kids then hike 2 km to the lake, where boats shuttle them 4 km to the camp in the summer. In winter, kids experience a 6 km snowmobile ride to reach camp. The camp program is specifically designed for the youth of the inner city, offering an adventure they have never experienced before. Our goals are that campers will enjoy a space where they can come quietly before God and where leaders can strengthen their faith and leadership skills. Our 1:1 camper to leader ratio offers many opportunities for youth and staff to build meaningful, mentoring relationships.

Contact: 12045828779 or [email protected]