Street Connections - Take Home Naloxone Program

Anyone who is at risk of opioid overdose or poisoning may drop in to the Street Connections office at 496 Hargrave Street (Main Floor) Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm, and ask to see a nurse about the naloxone program. No appointment is necessary. The nurse will take a health history, train the person to recognize and respond to overdose – including how to give someone naloxone, and the person will be given a take-home naloxone kit. The whole visit should take less than 1 hour and the take-home naloxone kit is free.

It is best if the person comes in with another person who is close to them (partner, roommate, family member) who is likely to be present if they overdose. These other people will also be offered training on how to respond to opioid overdose.

Contact: 12049810742 or [email protected]