Brighter Futures

Our Vision:

The Healthy development and well being of children and families within supportive communities.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Coalition is to promote the well being of families. It will provide leadership:

to develop and sustain programs and services for parents of children ages 0 – 6;

to develop and sustain programs that are parent managed and parent- driven;

with other groups, organizations, and government to provide services that parents identify as needs;

with parents, in self-help and support for parenting as a lifelong learning process;

to increase ways to outreach to children “at promise” who are 0 – 6 years of age;

to build support within communities for the healthy development of children before birth and up to the age of 6;

to create means to enhance parents’ strengths through self-help, mutual assistance, and the support of each other;

to offer a wide range of family support services to reflect the levels of ALL families.

Contact: 17097398096 or [email protected]