Choices for Youth - The Lilly

The Lilly is a 14 unit, congregate living housing model for youth that works. Both the programming and the physical layout of the building promote a sense of community, while maintaining individual home spaces in a youth-friendly environment. Participants work with staff through individual support models aiming to remove lifestyle, housing, educational, and employment barriers to finding security and stability.

The building consists of 1 and 2 bedroom units, with shared community spaces in the larger kitchens and eating areas, as well as in the living, recreational, music, and art spaces. Residents of The Lilly take part in a variety of community programming - including camping and hiking trips, yoga and meditation, drumming circles, and goal-setting sessions. Alongside this, youth must also be prepared to engage in employment and/or educational training programs.

Contact: 17097391019 or [email protected]